Atlantic Stars is nothing but color, quality and 80s nostalgia with a contemporary attitude. Born in 2014 in the Florenceho- od, the tuscan brand embodies a relent- less passion for the pop culture blended with high end materials, fresh vibes and a unique italian touch. Started as a modern tribute to the most classic running sneakers, Atlantic Stars escaped the revival approach pursuing nowness, sophistication and passion for exclusivity. Atlantic Stars is an epitome of the informal luxury, shaped by and designed by dri- ven visionaries. Our caleidoscopic range of sneakers embraces identity rather than performance, while not giving up the best materials and most improved shoemakers. All we deliver is a premium product for premium consumers: distinguished, eccen- tric connosseurs in search of unicity and durability.


Atlantic Stars aims mainly at a consumer, focused on fashion trends, who prefers quality, but does not give up glamour. Ea- ger to attract attention, the Atlantic Stars consumer doesn’t want to go unnoticed, not thinking of the shoe component as an accessory, but as a fundamental part of the right outfit for every occasion.