Atlantic Stars is a brand that is in love with the 80s since its first sneaker, produced in Florence in 2014. These are the years of light-heartedness, hope, ambition and of the “Color your life”, which is an encouragement for our clients to tell us their good vibes using the hashtag #feelinglikeastar: be your own star! Positive messages that we have never stopped sharing through our collections, now more than ever. Atlantic Stars creates luxury products, which in our creative team’s vision means, first of all, quality and comfort and… colour.

Atlantic Stars is aimed at a demanding, up-to-date public that is in search for uniqueness, but without ostentation. Joy, colour, and quality are the mainstays of our style, where running timeless icons melt with more technical and contemporary concepts. But it is when talking about comfort that the stars begin to really shine… Our company today boasts a rich “constellation” of sneakers and a distribution in more than 500 boutiques around Europe, plus two monobrand stores in its second market, Japan. Thanks to the recent acquisition by the Italian investment fund Alcedo sgr, we have only just begun this adventure that will lead us to be your “star”.