Without borders, without barriers: the new Atlantic Stars collection continues its search for innovation in the constant reinterpretation of the 80’s pop culture. In this new season, more and more space is being given to the use of recycled materials and a genderless stylist proposal, in which the differences between male and female styles are overcome by a more innovative chromatic experimentation than ever. Inclusiveness and sustainability are not slogans for Atlantic Stars, but projects in the making that from this season take the form of a collection at times exuberant, as per tradition, but also able to harmonize the love for color with the understatement of the daily routine. The Atlantic Stars sneakers are increasingly a charge of positivity in the greyness of monotony, they are designed to be worn at work, in leisure but also in more formal moments. Their comfort keeps the promises, thanks to high quality materials, to which today are also added alternatives with a strong ethical value, thanks to the use of waste materials, but also crazy insertions such as cork or furry suede... Be positive, color your life!



Atlantic Stars is nothing but color, quality and 80s nostalgia with a contemporary attitude. Born in 2014 in the Florenceho- od, the tuscan brand embodies a relent- less passion for the pop culture blended with high end materials, fresh vibes and a unique italian touch. Started as a modern tribute to the most classic running sneakers, Atlantic Stars escaped the revival approach pursuing nowness, sophistication and passion for exclusivity.

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