Keyword: color your life… and be positive! To define the guidelines of summer 2022 we drew from the most vital 80s energy, the one of the skateboard culture, of surfboards and jogging and we combined it with an explosion of pastel colors and with a persistent note of orange, the shade that has accompanied Atlantic Stars’ philosophy from its beginning. Starring this new “fresh pop” wave are models such as Nanto, a male sneaker that winks to the action sport world, where comfort and practicality can really make the difference. But also more classical silhouettes such as Ghala, a feminine tribute to the running couture that is able to balance the armony of the traditional palette with fluo hints, or the captivating uppers of the “different twins”, Ava and Grace that, in their double version slip-on and laces, tell of an approach to walking intended for those who have never lost the most positive taste of all. The taste of daring!



Atlantic Stars is nothing but color, quality and 80s nostalgia with a contemporary attitude. Born in 2014 in the Florenceho- od, the tuscan brand embodies a relent- less passion for the pop culture blended with high end materials, fresh vibes and a unique italian touch. Started as a modern tribute to the most classic running sneakers, Atlantic Stars escaped the revival approach pursuing nowness, sophistication and passion for exclusivity.

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