In this 2021 spring/summer. Atlantic Stars celebrates the positivity and the desire for rebirth lighting up its collections with fluo colours, bordering on psychedelia, but also with animalier inserts and iridescent reverberations that turn the sneakers into kaleidoscopic “urban jungle” visions, winking to trekking without forgetting the 70s and 80s icons that made Atlantic Stars a one of a kind brand: a mix of energy, glam and comfort!



Atlantic Stars is nothing but color, quality and 80s nostalgia with a contemporary attitude. Born in 2014 in the Florenceho- od, the tuscan brand embodies a relent- less passion for the pop culture blended with high end materials, fresh vibes and a unique italian touch. Started as a modern tribute to the most classic running sneakers, Atlantic Stars escaped the revival approach pursuing nowness, sophistication and passion for exclusivity.

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